Welcome to Beaver Creek Mini Storage in Farmington, NY

Since 2005, Beaver Creek Mini Storage has been the premier self storage facility in the Farmington NY area providing the highest quality storage experience for our customers. Our self storage in Farmington provides secure, dry, high quality storage units at a rental rate that is superior to many of our competitors. No one offers more than Beaver Creek Mini Storage for the modest rent that we charge.

Your experience at Beaver Creek Mini Storage will be superior to your experience at any of the other self storage facilities you may have used in the past. You will be convinced that you are important to us, and you will be happy with your decision to store your possessions with us. Call us anytime at (585) 398-3380 to discuss your storage needs.


Storage Unit Security

Our customers’ security is most important to us. Our self storage facility is totally surrounded by a security fence and each customer has their own security code. The grounds are monitored by high resolution motion-sensitive cameras that record all motion on the site 24/7.

Security lighting comes on at dusk and off at dawn. You will feel safe while on the site, and you will be comfortable knowing that every effort has been taken to protect your stored items.

Ready to get started?

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